温庭筠 Wen Tingyun

温庭筠 Wen Tingyun
Wen Tingyun (simplified Chinese: 温庭筠; traditional Chinese: 溫庭筠; 812–870) born Wen Qi (simplified Chinese: 温歧; traditional Chinese: 溫歧; pinyin: Wēn Qí), courtesy name Feiqing (simplified Chinese: 飞卿; traditional Chinese: 飛卿; pinyin: Fēiqīng) was an important Chinese lyricist of the late Tang Dynasty.

He was born in Qin, Shanxi province, China. Over his literary career, Wen became regarded as the first truly distinctive writer of ci, the song-verse style of poetry that dominated Chinese poetry during much of the late Tang dynasty and the Song dynasty.[1] Most of his poems are "boudoir"-style verses that described the opulent furnishings and gardens of solitary women and their hidden desires.[2] This style of poetry was commonly used for romantic communications between men and women in the entertainment districts of the Chinese capital Chang'an during the Tang dynasty.

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wen_Tingyun

商山早行 Early Departure

Author: -- 温庭筠 Wen Tingyun
At dawn I rise and my cab bells begin
To ring,but in thoughts of home I am lost.
The cock crows as the moon sets over thatched inn;
Footprints are left on wood bridge paved with frost.
The mountain path is covered with oak leaves;
The posthouse bright with blooming orange trees.
The dream of my homeland still haunts and grieves
With mallards playing on the pool with geese.

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