韦应物 Wei Yingwu

韦应物 Wei Yingwu

Wei Yingwu (traditional Chinese: 韋應物; simplified Chinese: 韦应物; pinyin: Wéi Yìngwù) (737–792) (also transliterated into English "Wei Yinwu" or "Wei Yin-wu") was a Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty. Twelve of Wei's poems have been included in the Three Hundred Tang Poems anthology.

According to John C. H. Wu, the turbulence and lack of strong central leadership of China during Wei Yingwu's poetry-writing years was a major influencing factor upon his work. One example of such sociopolitical turmoil is the An Shi Rebellion of 755-763. Wu suggests that images such as the boat moving without a person steering in "At Chuzhou on the Western Stream" is a reference to the ship of state without a person at the helm.

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wei_Yingwu

滁州西涧 On the West Stream of Chuzhou

Author: -- 韦应物 Wei Yingwu
Alone I like the riverside where green grass grows,
And golden orioles sing amid the leafy trees.
When showers fall at dusk, the river overflows;
A lonely boat athwart the ferry floats at ease.

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