王羲之 Wang Xizhi

王羲之 Wang Xizhi
Wang Xizhi (Wade-Giles: Wang Hsi-chih; 303–361) was a Chinese calligrapher traditionally referred to as the Sage of Calligraphy (書聖), who lived during the Jin Dynasty (265–420). He is considered by many to be one of the most esteemed Chinese calligraphers of all time, especially during and after the Tang Dynasty, and a master of all forms of Chinese calligraphy, especially the running script.

The Emperor Taizong admired his works so much that the original Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion was said to be buried with the emperor in his mausoleum.

In addition to the esteem in which he is held in China, he has been and remains influential in Japanese calligraphy.

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wang_Xizhi

兰亭诗六首其三 In Orchid Pavilion (III)

Author: -- 王羲之 Wang Xizhi
All scenes are vivified in spring;
We share our joy with everything.
Above, we see the azure sky;
Below, the stream's green waves flow by.
The vast expanse is fine and bright;
What meets our eyes shows us the light.
Nature is great and fair and square;
Different things have equal share.
Though high and low they grow in view,
For me there is nothing but new.

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