王维 Wang Wei

王维 Wang Wei

Wang Wei (simplified Chinese: 王维; traditional Chinese: 王維; pinyin: Wáng Wéi; Wade–Giles: Wang Wei) (699-759[1]) and also known by other names such as Wang Youcheng, was a Tang Dynasty Chinese poet, musician, painter, and statesman. He was one of the most famous men of arts and letters of his time. Many of his poems are preserved, and twenty-nine were included in the highly influential 18th century anthology Three Hundred Tang Poems.

Wang Wei was a "very great master" of the jueju:[28] many of his quatrains depict quiet scenes of water and mist, with few details and little human presence. The Indiana Companion comments that he affirms the world's beauty, while questioning its ultimate reality. It also draws a comparison between the deceptive simplicity of his works and the Chan path to enlightenment, which is built on careful preparation but is achieved without conscious effort.

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wang_Wei_(8th-century_poet)

竹里馆 The Bamboo Hut

Author: -- 王维 Wang Wei
Sitting among bamboos alone,
I play my lute and croon carefree.
In the deep woods where I'm unknown,
Only the bright moon peeps at me.

送元二使安西 A Farewell Song

Author: -- 王维 Wang Wei
No dust raised on the road wet with morning rain;
The willows by the hotel look so fresh and green.
I invite you to drink a cup of wine again;
West of the sunny pass no more friends will be seen.

使至塞上 On Mission to the Frontier

Author: -- 王维 Wang Wei
A single carriage goes to the frontier;
As envoy I cross northwest mountains high.
Like tumbleweed I leave our fortress drear;
As wild geese I come under Tartar sky.
In boundless desert lonely smoke rises straight;
Over endless river the sun sinks round.
I meet a cavalier at the camp gate;
In Northern Fort the general will be found.

九月九日忆山东兄弟 Thinking of My Brothers on Mountain-Climbing Day

Author: -- 王维 Wang Wei
Alone, a lonely stranger in a foreign land,
I doubly pine for kinsfolk on a holiday.
I know my brothers would, with dogwood spray in hand,
Climb the mountain and think of me so far away.

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