谭嗣同 Tan Sitong

谭嗣同 Tan Sitong

Tan Sitong (Tan Szu-tung; simplified Chinese: 谭嗣同; traditional Chinese: 譚嗣同; pinyin: Tán Sìtóng; Wade–Giles: T'an2 Szu4-t'ung2, March 10, 1865-September 28, 1898), courtesy name Fusheng (复生), pseudonym Zhuangfei (壮飞), was a well-known Chinese politician, thinker and reformist in the late Qing Dynasty (1636–1911); he was however, finally executed at the age of 33 when the Reformation Movement failed. He was one of the "Six gentlemen of the Hundred Days' Reform" (戊戌六君子). He occupies a place of tremendous importance in modern Chinese history. To many contemporaries, his execution symbolised the political failure of Qing Dynasty's reformation from within itself and turned the intellectual class to seek violent and hostile means, through revolution, to overthrow the Qing Dynasty.

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tan_Sitong

晨登衡岳祝融峰 At Dawn Atop the Highest Peak of the Southern Mountain

Author: -- 谭嗣同 Tan Sitong
Atop the peak I feel not high;
Looking around, I find no crest.
I only see clouds floating by
Now and then purify my breast.
Beyond dark earth stars sink awake;
The sun leaps up like molten gold.
From half the spoon of Dongting Lake
Dragon would rise in autumn cold.

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