司马光 Sima Guang

司马光 Sima Guang

Sima Guang (simplified Chinese: 司马光; traditional Chinese: 司馬光; pinyin: Sīmǎ Guāng; Wade–Giles: Ssu-ma Kuang) (1019–1086) was a Chinese historian, scholar, and high chancellor of the Song Dynasty, jinshi 1038.

Sima Guang was born in 1019 in present-day Yuncheng, Shanxi to a wealthy family, and obtained early success as a scholar and officer. When he was barely twenty, he passed the Imperial examination with the highest rank of jìnshì (進士 "metropolitan graduate"), and spent the next several years in official positions.

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sima_Guang

西江月 Tune: The Moon over the West River

Author: -- 司马光 Sima Guang
Loosely she has done up her hair;
Thinly she has powdered her face.
In rosy smoke and purple mist she looks so fair;
As light as willowdown she walks with grace.
Before we part, we long to meet;
Amorous, she seems not in love.
Awake from wine and songs so sweet.
The courtyard is still and bright the moon above.

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