米芾 Mi Fu

米芾 Mi Fu
Mi Fu (Chinese: 米芾 or 米黻; pinyin: Mǐ Fú, 1051–1107)[1] was a Chinese painter, poet, and calligrapher born in Taiyuan during the Song Dynasty. In painting he gained renown for his style of painting misty landscapes. This style would be deemed the "Mi Fu" style and involved the use of large wet dots of ink applied with a flat brush. His poetry followed the style of Li Bai and his calligraphy that of Wang Xizhi. His uninhibited style made him disliked at the Song court.

He is best known for his calligraphy, and he was regarded as one of the four greatest calligraphers in Song Dynasty. His style arises from that of calligraphers in earlier dynasties, but with a unique mark of his own.

As a personality Mi Fu was noted as an eccentric. At times they even deemed him "Madman Mi" because he was obsessed with collecting stones and even declared one stone to be his brother. Hence he would bow to his "brother" rock in a display of the filial devotion given to older brothers. He also was known as a heavy drinker. His son, Mi Youren, would also be a famous painter in his father's artistic style. Unlike his father Mi Youren lived to be quite elderly, dying at the age of 79.

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mi_Fu

西江月·秋兴 Tune: The Moon over the West River - Autumn

Author: -- 米芾 Mi Fu
The lotus on the creek spreads flagrance far and nigh;
Above the green, green woods undulates hill on hill.
The autumn tints are lovely'neath the southern sky;
Clouds break, mist clears off, wind is still.
In silent night the icy moon will rise;
From dreams begin to wake my drunken eyes.
A lute of jade is not ashamed of its songs clear;
A new tune will be played for you to hear.

浣溪沙·野眺 Tune: Silk-Washing Stream - Gazing on the Fields

Author: -- 米芾 Mi Fu
The sun-rays dart on plains and streams from jade-blue sky;
Barred clouds veil hill on hill, isle on isle far and nigli;
Wild flowers by the side of the creek look still red.
I watch fish leap into the net at islet's head;
Drunk, leaning on nay cane, I croon verse in the breeze;
Warm spring in early winter makes me ill at ease.

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