贾岛 Jia Dao

贾岛 Jia Dao

Jia Dao (traditional Chinese: 賈島; simplified Chinese: 贾岛; pinyin: Jiǎ Dǎo; Wade–Giles : Chia Tao) (779–843), courtesy name Langxian (浪先), was a Chinese poet active during the Tang Dynasty. He was born near modern Beijing; after a period as a Buddhist monk, he went to Chang'an. He became one of Han Yu's disciples, but failed the jinshi exam several times. He wrote both discursive gushi and lyric jintishi. His works were criticised as "thin" by Su Shi, and some other commentators have considered them limited and artificial.

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jia_Dao

隐者不遇 For an Absent Recluse

Author: -- 贾岛 Jia Dao
I ask your lad beneath a pine,
"My master has gone for herbs fine.
He stays deep in the mountain proud,
I know not where, veiled by the cloud."

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