贺知章 He Zhizhang

贺知章 He Zhizhang

He Zhizhang (traditional Chinese: 賀知章; simplified Chinese: 贺知章; pinyin: Hè Zhīzhāng; Wade–Giles : He Chihchang, ca. 659–744), courtesy name Jizhen (季真), was a Chinese poet born in present-day Xiaoshan, Zhejiang during the Tang Dynasty, and is one of the Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup. His well-known works include On Returning Home.

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/He_Zhizhang

咏柳 The Willow Tree

Author: -- 贺知章 He Zhizhang
The slender tree is dressed in emerald all about;
Thousands of branches droop like fringes made of jade.
But do you know by whom these slim leaves are cut out?
The wind of early spring is sharp as scissor blade.

回乡偶书 Home-Coming

Author: -- 贺知章 He Zhizhang
Oh, I return to the homeland I left while young,
Thinner has grown my hair, though I speak the same tongue.
My children, whom I meet, do not know who am I.
"Where are you from, dear sir? " they ask with beaming eyes.

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