龚自珍 Gong Zizhen

龚自珍 Gong Zizhen

Gong Zizhen 龔自珍 (Kung Tzu-chen; Gong Zuo; courtesy name (zi) Seren, literary name (hao) Ding’an) (1792-1841) was a Chinese poet, calligrapher and intellectual active in the 19th century whose works both foreshadowed and influenced the modernization movements of the late Qing dynasty.

The poems Gong wrote on the journey were later compiled into a book, Ji Hai Miscellaneous Poems, which is still quite popular among Chinese people today. His first poems date from the age of 15, and during his life he composed a total of 27 volumes of poetry, in addition to more than 300 articles and nearly 800 songs. His works include Annotations on Chinese, A Textual Research on The Three Rituals, A Critical Review of 'History of the Han and Latter Han Dynasties', and Verification on the Names and the Objects in ' Songs of Chu'.

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gong_Zizhen

乙亥杂诗 Miscellanies of the Year 1839(V)

Author: -- 龚自珍 Gong Zizhen
My parting grief is boundless when the sun sinks low;
Eastward I point my whip and far away I'll go.
The fallen blossoms are not an unfeeling thing;
Though turned to mud, they'd nurture flowers' growth next spring.

己亥杂诗 Miscellanies of the Year 1839 (CXXV)

Author: -- 龚自珍 Gong Zizhen
From wind and thunder comes a nation's vital force,
What a great pity not to hear a neighing horse!
I urge the Lord of Heaven to brace up again,
And send down talents of all kinds to Central Plain.

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