范成大 Fan Chengda

范成大 Fan Chengda

Fan Chengda (Chinese: 范成大; pinyin: Fàn Chéngdà; Wade–Giles: Fan Ch'engta, 1126–1193), courtesy name Zhineng (致能), was one of the best-known Chinese poets of the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), a government official, and an academic authority in geography, especially the southern provinces of China. His written work also falls under the literary category of 'travel record literature' (youji wenxue), a narrative and prose style approach to writing about one's travel experiences, which was popular in China during the Song Dynasty.

Fan's work deals with the traditional themes of the period, including peasant life, the seasons, Buddhism, and growing old. Fan was born in Suzhou into a middle-ranking family at a time of conflict between the Southern Song and Jin dynasties. A precocious child, his early studies of classical literature prepared him for a career in the civil service - a career that was temporarily interrupted when his parents died within a few months of each other in 1143, leaving Fan Chengda in sole charge of the family estate. These studies, together with his experiences of working in the fields as a teenager and his interest in Buddhism, provided inspiration for his later poetry.

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan_Chengda

霜天晓角 Tune: Morning Horn and Frosty Sky

Author: -- 范成大 Fan Chengda
While young, I was carefree, wearing a gown
Embroidered with phoenix and flowers of brocade.
A gallant in the capital town,
I rode my golden-geared horse in cavalcade.
In dreams my past is lost,
My hair is dotted with hoary frost.
How many swallows and orioles of mine
All melt in crystal cups of wine!

霜天晓角·梅 Tune: Morning Horn and Frosty Sky - The Mume Blossoms

Author: -- 范成大 Fan Chengda
It's fine at dusk when the wind dies away;
At night the cold spring holds no longer sway.
With feeling unrevealed sparse flowers look sky-pale
Like twigs of snow
When clouds come and go.
Nothing so fair
With grief beyond compare.
With whom such feeling can I share?
Only two rows of wild geese flying low
See me lean on the moonlit painted rail.
Who else could know?

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