杜牧 Du Mu

杜牧 Du Mu
Du Mu (Chinese: 杜牧; pinyin: Dù Mù; Wade–Giles: Tu4 Mu4) (803–852) was a leading Chinese poet of the late Tang Dynasty. His courtesy name was Muzhi (牧之), and sobriquet Fanchuan (樊川).

Regarded as a major poet during a golden age of Chinese poetry, his name is often mentioned together with that of another renowned Late Tang poet, Li Shangyin, as the Little Li-Du (小李杜), in contrast to the Great Li-Du: Li Bai and Du Fu. Among his influences were Du Fu, Li Bai, Han Yu and Liu Zongyuan.

Du Mu was skilled in shi, fu and ancient Chinese prose. He is best known as the writer of sensual, lyrical quatrains featuring historical sites or romantic situations, and often the themes of separation, decadence, or impermanence. His style blends classical imagery and diction with striking juxtapositions, colloquialisms, or other wordplay. He also wrote long narrative poems, as well as a commentary on the Art of War and many letters of advice to high officials.

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Du_Mu

山行 Going up the Hill

Author: -- 杜牧 Du Mu
I go by slanting stony path to the cold hill;
Where rise white cloudy,there appear cottages and bowers.
I stop my cab in maple woods to gaze my fill;
Frost-bitten leaves look redder than early spring flowers.

清明 The Mourning Day

Author: -- 杜牧 Du Mu
A drizzling rain falls like tears on the mourning day;
The mourner's heart is going to break on his way.
"Where can a wine-shop be found to drown my sad hours?"
A cowherd points to a cot amid apricot flowers.

秋夕 An Autumn Night

Author: -- 杜牧 Du Mu
Autumn has chilled the painted screen in candlelight;
A palace maid uses a fan to catch fireflies.
The steps seem steeped in water when cold grows the night;
She sits to watch two stars in love meet in the skies.

过华清宫 The Summer Palace

Author: -- 杜牧 Du Mu
Viewed from afar,the hills paved with brocades in piles,
The palace doors on hilltops opened one by one.
A steed raising red dust won the fair mistress' smiles.
How many steeds bringing her fruit died on the run!

赤壁 The Red Cliff

Author: -- 杜牧 Du Mu
We dig out broken halberds buried in the sand,
And wash and rub these relics of an ancient war.
Had the east wind refused to give a helping hand,
Southern beauties would have been captives on northern shore.

泊秦淮 Moored on River Qinhuai

Author: -- 杜牧 Du Mu
Cold river with sand bars veiled in misty moonlight,
I moor on River Qinhuai near wine shops at night.
The songstress knowing not the grief of conquered land,
Still sings the song composed by a captive king's hand.

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