戴表元 Dai Biaoyuan

戴表元 Dai Biaoyuan
Dai Biaoyuan (戴表元) (1244-1310) was a Chinese litterateur of Yuan Dynasty. He was able to write essays at seven, and his poems and essays were full of learned words. He obtained Jinshi during the late southern Song period, then became a Jiaoshou ( professor, 教授) in Jiankang prefecture (建康府). In 1304, he was recommended as Jiaoshou of Xinzhou (信州), but later resigned because of an illness.

Dai's poems showed his commiseration with the sufferings of the people, like his Song of Vine-gathering (《采藤行》). His other works gave expression to his yearnings of the Zhao Song Dynasty

More Detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dai_Biaoyuan

感旧歌者 A Songster on West Lake

Author: -- 戴表元 Dai Biaoyuan
Peonies pink or violet embellish spring;
Beside the music score lie clappers with red string.
A white-haired man with cup of wine on southern shore,
Nobody knows he was the songster all adore.

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