In China XiuHe Suit Wedding Dresses

Marriage is the most important thing in the life. In China, a traditional wedding is simple and lively, ceremonious, and joyful. There are some unique features in this ceremony, but in modern society, especially in the city, it is hardly seen any more.

XiuHe Suit Dresses is the most important part of a traditional Chinese wedding

The bridal sedan is the core of the traditional wedding. In wedding, the bride should sit in the sedan, then be lifted from her mother's home to her husband' home. Generally, there are two kinds of sedan, that is, four-lifter and eight-lifter, also divided into "dragon sedan" and "phoenix sedan”. There are so many suites that hold gongs, umbrellas, fans and so on, besides lifters, In group, there are more than ten people at least, and the occasion is very magnificent.

XiuHe Suit Wedding Dresses

In a traditional wedding, accompanied with a bridesmaid, the bride wearing a red veil and led along by the brides groom who holds a red silk in his hand, enters the bridal sedan. On the way to the husband's home, lifters jolt the sedan as it is necessary in a joyful wedding. Lifters swing the sedan from left to right, causing the bride to sit unsteadily inside. Sometimes the bridegroom has to substitute for his bride or beg to everyone else, while, all laugh to adding to the jubilance.

traditional XiuHe Suit Wedding Dresses

The wedding ceremony is the most important part of a traditional Chinese wedding. The newlyweds go to the table for heaven and earth where there is a dou (a kind of basket) full of grain. The dou is written with red paper. There are many coins placed in the four corners of the dou to provide the "luck" meaning to the guests. There is a cypress branch, called "ready source of money", decorated with copper coins. Besides, one steelyard, a mirror, a loom, a lamp or a candle are also placed near the dou. Afterwards, the groom stand on the left side, the bride right by his side, while the director prompts," First bow to the heaven and earth; second bow to the parents; third bow to each other". According to the folk saying, they will not be the formal couple until bowing to the heaven and earth. As a result, people pay a great attention to this ceremony. An interesting custom is that if the groom cannot come to this ceremony, he should ask his sister to hold a cock instead.

people pay a great attention to this ceremony.

After taking the bridal sedan, bowing to the heaven, it's time for the newlyweds to go to the bridal chamber. According to custom, their relatives and friends get together in the bridal chamber to banter the newlyweds. At this time, the newlyweds will never get angry even if the teasing games are a bit outrageous, but will try to skillfully dissolve since the relatives and friends intend to delight them.

I can not forget is that the sedan chair sitting in the drive when Luoyang.

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