Traditional Chinese Wedding

Holding your hand, and aging with you!

China is a large country with 56 nationalities. Different nationalities have different marriage customs, but whatever the nationality is, the wedding ceremony is usually very complicated. The traditional Chinese marriage usually involves 6 necessary procedures。

The main 6 necessary procedures of the wedding

1): Match-making
2): Engagement
3): Betrothal presents
4): Meeting the bride
5): Three bows
6): Bridal chamber


In feudal China "parental commands and matchmaker's words" is very important.
So if an unmarried boy's parents find a girl they interested in, they will find a matchmaker to make the proposal.


Once the two families agree about the matter, the bridegroom's family will present engagement gifts to the bride's family.

Betrothal presents

At this point the bridegroom's family arranges for the matchmaker to present bride price (betrothal gifts), including the betrothal letter, to the bride's family.
The groom's family will then send an elaborate array of food, cakes, and religious items to the bride's family

Meeting the bride

The wedding procession of the bride's family stops at the door of the groom's home. There are ceremonies to be followed to welcome the bride and her wedding procession into the groom's home, which varies from local to local.

Three bows

First, they give the first bow to heaven and earth.
Then they give the second bow to he family ancestors and parents.
Finally, the bride and groom give bows to each other.

Bridal chamber

The bridegroom and bride are sitting on the bed of the bridal chamber.
The newlywed couple will drink wine from two cups tied together with a red string, arm crossed from each other.
Then, the teasing game starts. Usually, all the young men can participate in the game, except for the bride's married brother-in-law. Those funny and silly game will ease the tension, since the newlywed never meet each other before the wedding.

Chinese Wedding Customs - food

Chinese date, Peanut, Longan, Chestnut, They means early birth of a healthy baby

Chinese Wedding Customs - dress

The bride wear red Luoyi and Fengguan, and still above a red scarf.
The groom wear a red long gown, red shoes a red silk sash with a red silk ball in a shape of flower on his chest.

Chinese Wedding Customs - Crying marriage

Meaning: to thank Parents for raising Her up

Chinese Wedding Customs

Kick the curtain of the sedan chair.
Purpose: to kicked off the bride's pride.

Chinese Wedding Customs - Stride the fire pan.
Purpose: To counteract evil force.

Do you want to hold your own wedding? Do you have your beloved?
Whatever, All shall be well, and Jack shall have Jill.
I wish you can encountering your own love!

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