Thereare 56 nationalities in China

Thereare 56 nationalities in China.As the major one,the Han people make up 93% ofall Chinese people.It is originated from the HuaXia Group 4,000 years ago,whichwas call the Han since the Han's Dynasty till today.During its development,theHan people created one of the greatest culture in the World,which has influencethe whole culture in East Asia.So Japanese and Korean culture came from China.
The Han people started their own clothing since 5,000 years ago,whichwas called Hanfu or the Chinese Traditional Clothing of Han Nationality. It has its unique characteristics.First,the two piecesmaking up the front of it,the left piece must press the right one,so the collaris y-shaped.Second,Hanfu has no button but belting.Third,the sleeves are wide.Asthe Han people's culture can represent the Chinese culture,the Hanfu can alsobe the most representative clothing in China. ,.
Sadly,in 1644 the entrance of Man people destroyed the developmentof the Hanfu.The Qing Dynasty(1644-1911) ordered"All the Han people mustchange their clothing into theManchu clothing,anyone disobedient must be killed."aftermany wars,the Han people were forced to wear Manchu clothing.The Han men wereforced to make their hair like pigtail,and the Han women were forced to wearcheongsam during the follow 300 years since China entered into modern times.Sothe pigtail-hair and the cheongsam cannot represent the Chinese 5,000 yearsculture.
Today we no longer forgot the importance of the Hanfu. Itsa very

importantpart of the chinese traditional clothing history.

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