Taoism idea -Essence , Energy and Spirit

In the theory of health preservation, Taoisam think essence 精,energy 气 and spirit 神 are regarded as the motive force and basic elements of human life activities.

Taoism has the saying that "heaven has three treasures, sun ,moon and stars. The earth has three treasures, water ,fire and wind. Human beings have three treasures, essence ,energy and spirit".

The essence, energy and spirit are the great medicine for internal alchemy and the operational goal of health preservation. Taoism believes the way of health preservation and body governance should follow this natural way: refine essence, refine energy, refine spirit

First, essence is the foundation of life

The "essence" in Taoist health preservation is different from the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine books, "essence" refers to all kinds of delicate substances that constitute human life and maintain life activities, including semen, blood, body fluid, etc. However, the Taoist concept of essence has a narrow meaning, which generally refers to the essence of kidney, that is, the energy material that can promote human growth and development and have reproductive function.

Second, energy is the power of life

Taoism believes that energy is the basic substance of human life activities. "Difficult classics" said: "气, people's fundamental, the root of the dead stem and leaf withered.

Third, spirit is the master of life

Spirit refers to people's spiritual activities, including perceptual, rational, intuitive thinking and consciousness activities, and is the production and slaughter of human life activities. Taoism believes that the rise and fall of spirit is directly related to the survival of human life. If the spirit is scattered, it will wither; if the spirit is weakened, it will weaken; if the spirit is dead, it will perish. Therefore, it is necessary to nourish the spirit for health preservation.The way is to close your eyes and ears , to slow your mind to have rest.

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