Taoism---Dao Jia Si Xiang

Taoism is the only local religion in China. Taoism originated ancient times before The Huang Emperor, integrated with Laozi and carried forward by Zhang Daoling, has a profound influence on Chinese philosophy, literature, science and technology, art, music, health preservation, religion, calligraphy, art, sports, history, business, military and so on.

Taoism is an ancient Chinese thought, which dates back to the ancient times, more than 4000 years . Taoism uses "Tao" to explore the relationship among nature, society and life. Taoism advocates that Taoism should be based on nature rule . As in my opinion, first we should try to find out the rule of nature, the rule of society, then to obey it, one gets to the state of harmony with all things around , including people and nature . The destination is to make one live a happy and long life.

Through long time observing of nature , they find nature is eternal , so they believe people's life should also be eternal if we find and obey the rules. They also find things are always changing. There is a saying ,fortune and misfortune depend on each other . So they have an optimistic attitude about life.

Lao Tzu and Zhuang Tzu are famous to all , because there are books handed down to record their thought. But before them, there are already many great people in ancient times have the thought of Taoism. Like Wang Mi Tzu, Guang Cheng Tzu, Yun Zhong Tzu. Unfortunately , there are no books kept recording their thought . That easy to understand, very before ,teacher teaches student by oral instruction.

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