Taijiquan -Ancient Chinese Body and Mind Exercise

Hi there, Are you doing exercise everyday ? Cool in this cotton and linen summer exercise uniform ?.

Today we share idea of an ancient Chinese body and mind exercise named Taijiquan .

How to describe it ? It is a kind of "whole body exercise", "balance movement", leisure sport ,breath regulating movement.

The whole body movement of Taijiquan takes the waist as the axis, and the rotation of the trunk drives the whole body joint rotation. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it is helpful to exercise the vital door, unblock the governor vessels and enrich the kidney . The kidney energy is exuberant, the life gate fire is sufficient, then the human is energetic, the face has the luster, the two eyes have the spirit.

Taijiquan has a comprehensive movement, with the whole body "moving without movement". All major muscle groups and joints of the whole body can participate in the exercise. Long-term practice can make the joints flexible and strong.
Taijiquan moves are smooth and continuous, with special emphasis on the transformation of the virtual and the real, often practicing Taijiquan, which helps to improve the coordination and balance of the whole body movements.

Taijiquan requires quietness, slowness, evenness, softness, looseness, stability, harmony, connection, roundness, lightness, concentration of consciousness, concentration, relaxation of the whole body, seeking quietness in movement, intention in mind, nourishing qi and concentration, and rest of the brain; it is light and gentle in movement, stable and optimistic in mood, cultivating both life and sentiment; it is the ideal "Relaxation" to train bones, joints, muscles and five internal organs Sports ".

Taijiquan can train attention, free the spirit from impatience, impetuosity and disorder, and change it into patience, cohesion, concentration and concentration, which has a positive effect on the prevention and treatment of modern civilization diseases.

Taijiquan is gentle and slow, which is equivalent to the exercise intensity of walking 6 kilometers per hour, especially suitable for middle-aged and old people.

I believe you will be overwhelmed by its charm immediately after you feel it. If you insist on practicing, you will surely benefit a lot.

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