Orchid -Chinese literati painting

Through the ages ,you are the most secluded and undefiled,
Not willing to seek fame but to be a cloud.
Hide the mountains behind,
Don’t want to be seen even by those to mountain to cut firewood .

Poem to Orchid By Ban Qiao Zheng

Confucius, the forerunner of Chinese culture, once said, "Orchid lives in a valley, and he gives flavor even no one appreciation. A gentleman cultivates morality and does not change for poverty.". Since Confucius established the status of "gentleman" of orchid from the spiritual level, orchid has been admired and sought after by literati and painters of all ages in China. They take orchid as the carrier, and show their ideals, interests and personalities.

Here above are two most famous Chinese orchid paintings . The first one is by Zhao Zi Gu. In his painting, two orchids live freely like two flying butterflies. The second one is by Zheng Si Xiao. His orchid is very dignified.The leaves of orchids are tall and straight, disjoint, beautiful and elegant; the two orchids are fragrant and refreshing.

If the first Chinese orchid painting represents Taoism , the second Chinese orchid painting is for Confucianism. Which one do you like ?

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