Natural Mountain Painting

The most beautiful landscape painting is from the natural world without artificial ink. Do you agree ?

This is Yun Tai Mountain in Chinese Henan province,one of the most beautiful Chinese mountain. From the old times to now ,there are many paintings about it. From different perspectives,It's all a traditional Chinese mountain painting.

The origin of Chinese landscape painting can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty, such as "mountain" and "water" in hieroglyphics. However, as an independent painting branch, it formally sprouted in Jin Dynasty, and was formed in Liu Song Dynasty of Southern Dynasty in Southern Dynasty. Great development was made in early Tang Dynasty, sudden change occurred in prosperous Tang Dynasty, and ink mountain and water painting appeared in Mid Tang Dynasty. By the end of Tang Dynasty, the development of landscape painting was mature and became the mainstream of Chinese painting Set up
Gu Kaizhi's article "painting Yuntai Mountain" tells how to paint the landscape painting of Yuntai mountain. The main contents are summarized as follows:
1. The mountains in the painting should have left, middle and right as well as front, middle and back.
2. The paper is full of color, mainly green, to paint gorgeous.
3. Mountains should be divided into yin and Yang, and there should be reflection in the water.
4. In the painting, not only should there be willow and Chinese Wutong tree, but also pine and peach trees.
5. The characters in the painting should have a plot and some animals to match.
6. The use of the pen should have a light and heavy turn, and the color should be divided into thick and light.

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