Move in the Lively Creature -Zhao Chang's Hand Drawing from Song Dynasty

Let’s enjoy the three hand drawings of Zhao Chang from Song dynasty, about thousand of years ago.The first drawing of Zhao Chang is about flower and birds called Si Xi Tu. Lively and fresh ,full of vigor of life.

There are green bamboo, black stone, white flowers and lucky magpie in the picture. Bamboo leaves and a branch of plum blossom after blooming are interspersed in the whole picture.

There are four Magpies in the picture, two on the tree and two under the tree. One of the two on the tree is looking back and opening his mouth to call; the other is turning its tail and looking down. There are two birds under the tree. One perches on the strange rock and pecks at it; the other stands on the slope, looking up from afar, and also opens his mouth to call. They each have their own posture. In addition to four lucky magpie, there are two pairs of blackbirds, one of which is green feathered, is sitting on the branch. The other pair of white billed Brown feathered mountain birds are looking around freely on the branches.

The second drawing is about big butterfly called Jia Die Tu. There are three butterflies ,each with different gesture, modesty,graceful and smart. The big green grasshopper is sitting quietly on the leaf enjoying his life . So nice ,peaceful and harmonious. Look carefully ,you will see contrast beauty in the drawing, flying butterfly and sitting grasshopper, soft and transparent butterfly wings and thick and hard grasshopper wings. Around them are flowers swaying in the autumn wind, giving a dynamic aesthetic feeling. Are you moved? Even thousand of years long ,the drawing recording the drawer’s feeling about creature’s vigor life and power still amazing.

The third drawing is a couple of rabits. Black and white with the same look.Under the sweet scented osmanthus tree, what are they doing ? Have they run a long way ? Where they are going still far away ? No matter what is in the front, they are always face it together.

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