Lotus -Chinese Lotus painting

On the midsummer night, the thunder rumbles outside the house, and the raindrops are splashing on the windows. It seems that this night will be a rainy night.

The lotus in the pond outside will be all right ?

Although in junior high school, we recited Zhou Dunyi's article” Love lotus ”. But at that time, I only thought that the article was well written and easy to read. I didn't see the lotus with my own eyes, but I saw it in the painting. To celebrate the Chinese new year , every year my father puts a big painting with fish and lotus on the wall. The lotus leaves are big and green, the flower is red and small. My mom tells me it means more surplus in the new year.

In high school, I met lotus for the first time. On the way from the classroom to the canteen, we must pass a small pond. Although the small pond is not very big, there are several water lilies growing inside. Pink water lily flowers are not big, but very fresh, there is a small pavilion near the pond, mushroom like, around the central pillar is a circle of stone bench, at that time, we several good students often read books or watch lotus.

Later, I still don't understand why most of the lotus flowers in the painting disappeared after a few strokes. On the contrary, the lotus leaf paintings are incisive and incisive, some are wide open, some are half open, and some are just sprouting. Even the lotus leaf stalk with thorns takes up more space than the lotus.

Until later, I saw a large area of lotus. I could not see the edge. I suddenly understood that lotus was the spirit hidden in the lotus leaf, holy and elegant. Large and large leaves have their own postures. It's like this. There is only one lotus among the lotus leaves that can't be counted around. The paintings I've seen are not exaggerations, they're written facts.

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