I am 80 ,I also have dreams

" I am more than 80 , I also have dreams." The one with white beard model names Wang De Shun, an artist ,who put all life in chasing dreams,from young to old. Let's share one of his favorite poem, names " Ship" .

I have had many such adventures,
From heaven to hell only in a moment;
Every lovely, gentle spray,
They have become mountains that suddenly rise and then fall.

Every drop of sea water changes color,
Just as beautiful and blue;
The whirlpool is entangled with the whirlpool,
I was thrown high and deep

At that time, I even thought of giving up ,
In front of me was a sea of anguish;
Giving up hope is like giving up the tiller,
Under the violence can only silence and lament.

Today I am entitled to laugh at myself,
Ashamed of yesterday's leafy fear;
How many years have you wasted,

The ship has been hit by rocks many times
Ten million times in the ocean,
Only to capture a little experience of life,

Then I realized,
Ah! The reason is so simple:
Are you going to sail?
There will be thousands of demons and monsters to stop;
Tyrannical bullying is their game,
Their only ability is to create destruction.

I was destined to meet them often,
Because my name is ship;
In the face of opponents who are ten million times stronger than themselves,

The only way to save yourself is to be sober and brave.

Fear blinds us,
Blind can only exaggerate the devil's ferocious face;
Maybe I look more terrible than them,
When I fight with my life, I will never move forward!

As long as I have a complete keel,
Never enter the harbor of shelter;
Put life on the journey,
Let courage decide the width and length of the road.

I'm completely free,
The bow of the boat becomes a shovel to bury them;
I jump rhythmically in the waves,
It's like a huge swing.

Even if they finally tear me apart,
Become some broken pieces of wood;
I will not sink, never!
I can also fly on the wave.

Later people will recognize me on the fragments,
Future poets will sigh:
"Here is a happy soul,
It used to be a moving ship
... "

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