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The mianfu of Emperor Wu of Jin Dynasty, 7th-century painting by court artist Yan Liben
Traditional Chinese 漢服
Simplified Chinese 汉服
Hanyu Pinyin hànfú
Literal meaning Han clothing

Hanfu (simplified Chinese: 汉服; traditional Chinese: 漢服; literally "Han clothing"), also known as Hanzhuang (漢裝) or Huafu (華服), is the traditional dress of the Han Chinese people. The term Hanfu derives from the Book of Han, which says, "then many came to the Court to pay homage and were delighted at the clothing style of the Han [Chinese]."[1]

Custom Hanfu Clothing

The hanfu is now worn during some festivals or coming of age/rite of passage ceremonies, by hobbyists or historical re-enactors, by Taoist, Confucian or Buddhist monks and priests during religious ceremonies, or as a cultural exercise. It is often seen in Chinese television serials, films and other forms of media entertainment. There is also a movement in China and some overseas Chinese communities to revive Han Chinese clothing in daily life and incorporate it into Chinese festivals or celebrations.
Hanfu wedding dresses

The concept of hanfu is distinguished from the broader concept of traditional Chinese clothing. This excludes many changes and innovations in the dress of the Han Chinese people since 1644, the founding of the Qing dynasty, on the basis that such changes were imposed by force (such as through the Queue Order) or adopted through cultural influence from the ruling Manchu ethnicity. Thus, the qipao, while widely regarded as an example of traditional Chinese clothing, is not an example of hanfu since it derives from a Manchu clothing style. Today, most Han Chinese wear Western-style clothing in everyday life. Some urban residents in China wear modified or modernized traditional clothing on some occasions, while many in the countryside still use distinctive peasant dress (though not necessarily identical with classical Hanfu). The only significant population segment which wear hanfu regularly on a day-to-day basis are religious priests and monks.

Hanfu wedding dresses

Custom Hanfu Clothing

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Hanfu wedding dresses

Hanfu(汉服) Outline:

Hanfu Introduction

Hanfu (simplified Chinese: 汉服; traditional Chinese: 漢服) or Han Chinese Clothing, also sometimes known as Hanzhuang (漢裝), Huafu (華服).

Hanfu refers to the pre-17th century traditional clothing of the Han nationality (汉族).

Hanfu History

Hanfu has a history of more than three millennia, and is said to have been worn by the legendary Yellow Emperor.

Hanfu was made from silk, supposedly discovered by the Yellow Emperor’s wife, Leizu.

It was worn by Han people from the Xia Dynasty (c. 21st century BC - 16th century BC) all the way to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Hanfu of Shang Dynasty

It consisted of a yi(衣), a narrow-cuffed, knee-length tunic tied with a sash, and a narrow, ankle-length skirt, called chang(裳)

Hanfu of Zhou Dynasty
Hanfu became looser, with the introduction of wide sleeves and jade decorations hung from the sash which served to keep the yi closed.
The yi was essentially wrapped over, in a style known as jiaoling(交领)youren(右衽).
hanfu of zhou dynasty
Hanfu of the Spring and Autumn Period

shenyi (深衣)and "deep robe"(paofu) appeared.

hanfu deep robe

Hanfu of the Spring and Autumn Period, Paofu Style

hanfu of paofu style

Hanfu of Qin and Han Dynasties

warriors 武士


Hanfu of Tang Dynasty

Hanfu of Tang Dynasty

A new style "banxiu(半袖)" or "banbi" appeared.

hanfu tang dynasty

Hanfu of Ming Dynasty

ming dynasty hanfu aoqun

Qing dynasty
Qing Dynasty
In the 17th Century, the Manchu Qing Dynasty began to rule China,they created a policy which was called Barber & Changing clothes(剃发易服).
All Chinese would adopt Manchurian hairstyles and clothes.
Hanfu disappeared.
Standard Style of Hanfu
Yi (衣): Any open cross-collar garment, and worn by both sexes
Qun (裙) or chang (裳): Skirt for women and men
Pao (袍): Any closed full-body garment, worn only by men in Hanfu
Ru (襦): Open cross-collar shirt
Shan (衫): Open cross-collar shirt or jacket that is worn over the yi
Ku (裤): Trousers or pants
Decoration(装饰): tassels and jade pendants hung from the belt or sash, known as pei (珮)
Hanfu Quju (曲裾)
A type of Han Chinese clothing commonly worn from the pre-Shang periods to the Han Dynasty. This form is known as the quju (曲裾) and worn primarily by women.

curved hem hanfu quju

hanfu quju

Hanfu Zhiju (直裾)
Another type of Han Chinese Shenyi(深衣) commonly worn from the pre-Shang periods to the Ming Dynasty. This form is known as the zhiju(直裾) and worn primarily by men.
hanfu zhiju

hanfu zhiju women men

Women's Hanfu Ru-skirt Suits(Ruqun襦裙)
Cuffs and sleeves on the upper garment may be tighter or looser depending on style. A short skirt or weighted braid is sometimes worn to improve aesthetics or comfort.


Hanfu Ru-skirt Style
Double-breasted Ru skirt, Cross collar Ru skirt, Corset Ru skirt hanfu ru skirt
Hanfu Formal Garments
hanfu formal garments
Hanfu Influences
Hanfu has significantly shaped the styles of traditional costumes of some Asian countries.
Korea Hanbok and Japanese Kimono.
These clothings have common feature: cross collar, tying to the right and wide sleeve. hanfu influences

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