Chinese Weiqi

The four art forms in ancient China are quqin, chess, penmanship, and painting. And chess particularly refers to Chinese Weiqi. Weiqi could be called the national chess of China. In ancient times, Weiqi was called Yi, with the alternative names Zuoyin and Shoutan. The regulations of Weiqi are both simple and complex at the same time. A full Weiqi set has 361 playing pieces and is plyed on a board with a 19 by 19 grid. The circumference of the board is less than 2/3 metre. Playing Weiqi may look like an arrangement of two sides’ black and white pieces. However, it is actually a competition between two players and it tests their wisdom, courage, and patience. Weiqi symbolizes Heaven and Earth. It contains countless philosophical theories, such as the theories embodied in the image-numerology in The Book of Changes, the art of war, and theories on state administration and national security, which embodies the wisdom and the spirit of Chinese culture.

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