Chinese silk

China is the home of silk. Mulberryplanting, sericulture, silk reeling and thickening are all great inventions ofthe ancient Chinese. As early as the Shang and Zhou Dynasties (1600BC-256BC),the Chinese people’s silk-weaving techniques had reached an extremely highlevel. During the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-25AD), Zhang Qian, an outstandingdiplomat, travlled around central Asia and connected China with the PersianGulf and the Mediterranean, opening up a new era of Sino-foreign trade, exchangeand communication. From then on, China’s silk became well known for itsextraordinary quality, exquisite design and color, and abundant culturalconnotation. Hitherto, Chinese silk has been accepted as a symbol of Chineseculture and the emissary of oriental civilization.

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