Chinese Lotus and Fish Painting

Above the zigzag lotus pond,

you can see the leaves of fields.

The leaves come out of the water very high, like the skirt of a graceful dancer.

Among the layers of leaves, there are scattered white flowers, blooming elegantly and others are bashfully blooming.

They are like pearls, stars in the blue sky, and beauties just out of the bath. The breeze passed by, sending wisps of fragrance, as if the distant tall buildings singing. At this time, the leaves and flowers also have a trace of vibration, like lightning, suddenly passed over the other side of the lotus pond. Lotus leaves stand close to each other side by side, which just has a brilliant ripple mark. Under the leaves is the pulse of water, covered, can not see some color; but the leaves are more wind.

Moonlight, like running water, is quietly pouring on this leaf and flower. A thin green mist floated in the lotus pond. The leaves and flowers seem to have been washed in the milk.

---By Zhu Zi Qing

In the beautiful summer evening ,can you feel the nice breeze ? and the lotus flower fragrance ?

In Chinese tradition, we like lotus. It is dignified and holy. It is an auspicious word. Like “suplus year after year”,” getting along very well”. I remember to celebrate the Chinese new year, my grandpa put the Chinese drawing with lotus and fish up on the wall . When I grow up , I know that it is for a good wishing to live a happier life . Here are Chinese lotus drawings for you to enjoy.

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