Chinese Grottoes

Chinese grottoes mainly reflect the art of Buddhist culture. In China, there are four major art landscapes of grottoes: the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang, the Yungagn Grottoes at Datong, the Longmen Grottoes at Luoyang, and the Maijishan Grottoes at Tianshui. Carved and painted on mountains, the Buddhist grottoes mingle both sublimity and secular feelings together, presenting us a vivid and natural appearance. They embody the systematic combination of both the exceptional artistry of great nature and the extremely fine craftsmanship of mankind. The Chinese Buddhist grottoes are regarded as a profound and stunning general art gallery, which are composed of architecture, painting, sculptures, etc. The artistic achievements of Chinese grottoes have attracted the attention of the world, and have become an important international cultural heritage.

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