Chinese characters

Chinese characters were initially meant tobe simple pictures use to help people remember things. After a long period ofdevelopment, it finally became a unique character system that embodies phoneticsound, image, idea, and rhyme at the same time.

The writing system, which wasextremely advanced in ancient times, began with inscriptions on bones andtortoise shells, and these are regarded as the original forms of Chinesecharacters. Afterwards, Chinese characters went through numerous calligraphicstyles: bronze inscriptions, official script, regular script, cursive script,running script, etc.

Chinese characters are usually round outside and squareinside, which is rooted in ancient Chinese beliefs of an orbicular sky and arectangular Earth. The five basic strokes of Chinese characters are “ 一” (the horizontal stroke), “丨” (the verticalstroke), “丿” (theleft-falling stroke), “ 捺” (the right-falling stroke), and “乙” (the turning stroke).

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