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Cheongsam, Of Chinese style, oriental verve, With exquisite curve line, And graceful figure, It is renowned as extreme beauty.
Fashion in haste, Only cheongsam's charm lasts forever.

Cool elements have proved popular in the new century, while many people have deep nostalgia in their mind. It can be definitely seen from appreciation of the reformed cheongsam and Chinese traditional garments with buttons down the front. Love for Chinese traditional garments of with buttons down the front has never been faded, which gradually pushes people to run after fashion. Many elegantly- decorated cheongsam stores spring up, appealing to numerous passers-by. Models wearing soft-satin cheongsams in different colors attracts lots of people to stop and enjoy the beauty.

Women's Mulberry silk Short Qipao Cheongsam Dress

Cheongsam is evolved from a kind of ancient female clothing of Manchu ethnic minority. After Qing Dynasty, cheongsam became the main garments in certain times. In addition, until the early twentieth century, cheongsam dressing was still a most fashionable dressing, which was mirrored in various historical records, physical objects and literary works.

Women's Sleeveless Graceful Qipao Cheongsam Dress

Dress in Manchu ethnic minority mainly consists of gown, coat gown and waistcoat. However, original cheongsam was sleeveless long waistcoat. Cheongsam then was loose in shape, plain in waist and long enough to the feet and rich in bead. As the figure was looming in the loose garments, the hazy beauty was enjoyed. In 1926, long gown and short coat combined, and the original reformed cheongsam came into being, with flounces designed in gown hemline and wristband. The true cheongsam really appeared. Then, Soong Ching Ling in a new reformed satin cheongsam was present on the reviewing stand of the Nationalist Government in Hankou. Nearly overnight, such a new reformed cheongsam got much popularity all around. From then on, cheongsam has been reformed in several ways according to fashion. As a traditional and unique exquisite garment, cheongsam has been playing a significant role in the long history of Chinese civilization, for its rich content in cultural value and unique beauty in aesthetic value. Over 100 years, cheongsam has still been precious and gorgeous.

In recent years, various reformed cheongsam has been available to common people. New cheongsam has maintained the design of elegant curve in breast, wrist and buttocks, the tradition of details. Besides, the new cheongsam has integrated modern elements into color, cut and match. Probably for the background of war-time provisional Capital, people in Chongqing has a special favor in Chinese traditional cheongsam. Ladies from Chongqing wearing cheongsam are really fascinating for both modern feeling and traditional beauty.

Cheongsam, of Chinese style, oriental verve, with exquisite curve line, and graceful figure, it is renowned as extreme beauty. Fashion in haste, only cheongsam's charm lasts forever.

Red Cheongsam Mermaid/Trumpet Floor-length Sequins Long Qipao Chinese Wedding Dress

Red Cheongsam Mermaid Floor-length Sequins Long Qipao Chinese Wedding Dress

Red Cheongsam Mermaid Embroidery phoenix Long Qipao Chinese Wedding Dress

Red Mermaid Embroidery phoenix Long Qipao Chinese Wedding Dress

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