Banqiao Zheng -Famous Qing Dynasty Literati

Teeth bitten into the mountain,

Rooted in the original broken rock.

Thousands attack still strong and soft .

Let wind from east, west, north and south

By Banqiao Zheng to Bamboo

Hi There. It rains outside. Raindrops wet the window and look out of the misty window. Let's leap back to the Qing Dynasty and take a look at an interesting person, Zheng Xie, also Zheng Banqiao. He lived 73 years. In his youth,he studied poetry, calligraphy and calligraphy assiduously , and painting in his middle age. He has years of being a county magistrate of Fan city and Wei city, after that he resigned and focused on painting. He is good at painting bamboo and orchid. He has spent more than 50 years in bamboo drawing. His calligraphy is very hard to get in his times.

Banqiao's painting of black bamboo is mostly freehand. It's all in one breath. There's a strong breath of life。 Whether it's dry bamboo, a single branch of clump bamboo, or the bamboo in the wind. The bamboo in the rain is full of wonderful changes. For example, the height of bamboo is scattered, thick and light, withered and glorious. The painting style is pure, vigorous, beautiful, and out of the ordinary, It gives people a sense of being different. He wrote "the painting of ink bamboo" by himself: "in paper, there are people outside the paper. This time, the bamboo pole is more than the bamboo leaf, which shakes the wind and makes the rain, and the frost exposed people are all hidden in the paper.

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