A real exercise mat no smell antiskid no sticky sweat durable

A real mat, no smell, no big slide, no sticky sweat. It is really a big help.

In Covid-19 special times, fitness at home, as the most convenient and cost-effective way of fitness, has become more and more people's sports choice. The first necessary equipment for family fitness must be mat. .The mat can be used for yoga mat, body exercise mat ,body building mat, meditating mat or just sitting up mat.

How to choose a suitable and reliable mat?

The important one is to identify the material of mat

The mainstream materials of yoga mat are PVC, TPE and natural rubber, all of which have their own characteristics.

PVC mat : it is the material that 80% of yoga mats on the market will use at present. It has certain taste, elasticity, ordinary anti-skid effect, weak grip and short life. The price is the cheapest. Because of its low price, it is hot selling in the market.

TPE mat: the toughness, elasticity and anti-skid effect of TPE mat are better than that of PVC, no smell. Price higher than PVC mat.

Natural rubber yoga mat: the mat made of natural rubber has excellent skid resistance, grip and long service life. It's a good choice for people who practice yoga for a long time. The price is hundred of dollars. Life is average of ten years. It is environmental -friendly.

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